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Browser choice started popping up on computer screens about 2 weeks ago. Although it looks a little suspect it is not a virus or malicious software. This is a Microsoft application and I am not sure why they dont make this clear on the program, conspiracy theorists might say it is because they want to create the suspicion that it may not be entirely kosher software (i dont subscribe to such theories though!). Anyhoo, Microsoft have been slapped with fines and costs in excess of €1 billion by the European Commission since 2004 (funny €1 billion seemed like a lot of money pre NAMA ).
The European Commission announced in January 2009 that they were going to investigate the bundling of Internet Explorer with Microsoft operating systems as they felt there may be an anti-comptetive case to answer because it reduced consumer choice and undermined browser competitiveness. In response and possibly to negate or reduce potential fines and more bad PR Microsoft agreed not to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows 7 and to introduce this new Browser Choice application as part of it’s updates.

How to get rid of it
1. Click on the button and make a choice

2. If it still appears after you have made your choice and your computer has been restarted follow these steps.

First: Close all open applications and windows

2.1 Press Start
2.2 For XP click Run, type MSCONFIG and press enter. For Vista type MSCONFIG in the search box, press enter and select it in the program list.
2.3 When MSCONFIG opens you will see 5 tabs, click on the “Startup” Tab.
2.4 You should see Browser Choice in the list of startup items. Untick the box beside it and then click “Apply” down the bottom right.
2.5 Close the MSCONFIG window by clicking OK
2.6 You will be presented with a box with 2 options. Select Exit and Restart.
2.7 After you computer has restarted you will be presented with a new Pop Up with the Title “System configuration utilitity.” Select the box “Dont show this message again” and then close it down.
2.8 Job done

For any other help or support don’t forget The Tech Fixers are open 7 days a week until 9pm.

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